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This Is Nuts! Wynkoop Will Tap Vegan Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout on Day of Darks

Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout has been a big attention-getter for Wynkoop Brewing Company over the past nine years, from the ballsy marketing campaign to the viscous mouthfeel to the way the cans were sold in pairs.

But some people are tired of the bull. Or rather, the bull testicles.

That's part of the reason that the Wynkoop will debut a vegan version of this cult favorite, which is typically brewed with six bull balls per barrel, at its annual Day of Darks Festival on Friday, November 26; the beer will remain on tap at the brewery until the kegs run dry.

β€œIt’s kind of a bummer when someone can't try your beer, so this is a chance to share the stout with everyone and a chance to brew with another unique kind of nut in the mash tun," says Wynkoop head brewer Todd Bellmyer, who notes that the vegan beer will taste very similar to its meatier counterpart.

click to enlarge Chestnut chips were added to this version of Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout. - WYNKOOP BREWING
Chestnut chips were added to this version of Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout.
Wynkoop Brewing
So, what's the new wrinkle? Vegan Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout is brewed with fifty pounds of dried, roasted chestnut chips. It still comes in at 9 percent ABV, but the chestnut chips "add a roasted sweetness and help accentuate the deep flavors of chocolate, coffee and specialty malts," Bellmyer adds.

The other inspiration for the beer came from Wynkoop chef Chris Collins, who suggested to Bellmyer that they make a beer with chestnuts for the holiday season. "At first Todd dismissed him, but it became a better idea the more he thought about it. From there, Todd was thinking about what kind of stout to put the nuts in, and the phrase 'Vegan Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout' got stuck in his head," the Wynkoop explains.

The original Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout was first brewed in 2012 and served at the Great American Beer Festival. The most recent batch was tapped in August.

Day of Darks takes place from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. November 26 and benefits Movember. More than twenty breweries will be pouring stouts, porter, dark lagers and other beers. Tickets start at $35 and include unlimited tastings, appetizers, desserts and a commemorative glass.