Ask a Stoner: Mixing Cannabis Strains Together

Dear Stoner: What are some good combos for weed if I wanted to mix two strains together?

Dear Casey: Weed salads are fun, but beware of the overload. Putting Mandarin Sunset or Tangerine Kush on the front of a joint and a piney OG on the end is like drinking a juicy IPA, and it’ll knock you out early and dry-mouthed in the same way. Any heady orange strain, like Tangie or Mimosa, and a strong Diesel will wreck your brain, too, though you’ll probably also find yourself restless and anxious. If you’re okay with getting absolutely zooted or comatose on a Tuesday night, then have at it. I can’t deny those flavors.
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Jacqueline Collins
The key is finding highs that complement each other on top of the flavor. Strawberry Cough’s fruity taste and uplifting high are a perfect match for Cheese’s funky notes and calming effects. Cheese also matches well with most potent Cookies, Cake or Pie cuts. On the opposite end, GMO’s spicy, gassy flavor and potent high are a good base for a CBD strain or something sweeter-tasting and old-school, like Juicy Fruit or Bubblegum.

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