Diego Pellicer Dispensary Is Now Frost Exotic Cannabis, With Same Ownership

Frost Exotic Cannabis has taken over for Diego Pellicer at 2949 West Alameda Avenue, but the same faces are still there.

The dispensary's five-year licensing agreement with national cannabis brand Diego Pellicer Worldwide Inc. ends in December, according to Frost owner and CEO Neil Demers, so he and his team launched the dispensary’s rebrand in November while incorporating new concepts to the retail experience, including delivery.

"The team has always wanted to create a brand from scratch and establish something unique and fun, so when the opportunity presented itself with Frost Exotic Cannabis, formerly known as Diego Pellicer...we felt confident in starting this new era for the dispensary," Demers says. "Our agreement with Diego Pellicer Worldwide Inc. provided us a stepping stone to launch something larger."

Both entities mutually agreed to not extend or renew the licensing agreement, according to Demers, with his attention now aimed at reimagining what the dispensary could be in 2022.

“I feel like the industry is getting a little sterile right now, so we really want to try and come up with some unique things that we’re doing with the dispensary,” he says.

Frost has become one of the first dispensaries in Denver to offer delivery, which became legal in Denver earlier this year. Frost's full catalogue of over 200 strains and products can now be transported to any Denver residence within a two-hour delivery time thanks to the store's new delivery-service partner, GRN Bus. (Free delivery runs through January.)

“Customer shopping habits are starting to change. A lot of them are becoming more digital, and they like the idea of the convenience," Demers says. "We wanted to create another way for the customer to shop with us in a way that is matching a lot of their desired preferences and habits."

The store will now have more of a lifestyle focus, Demers adds. The plan is to create a loyalty program, new apparel and merchandise, and he wants to incorporate cryptocurrency payments into the business model, as well. Some of Demers's grandest hopes include taking Frost Exotic's shopping experience to a higher level via augmented reality.

"We will incorporate more local artist collaborations to make the dispensary more of an immersive art experience," he says. "This will include having fun with creative and artistic aesthetic designs and colors, a beautiful new and artistic 3-D floating ceiling, infusion of music and new lighting."

Through the dispensary's physical redesign, Demers wants a distinctive new look.

"Moving forward, we are establishing a special brand identity, one that’s cutting-edge and further elevates the dispensary experience for our customers and provides a retail shopping experience that you can't find anywhere else," he predicts.