Five Weed-Infused Chocolates for Valentine's Day

Giving chocolates to your valentine ranges from fail-safe to boring, but adding cannabis to the mix can increase the intrigue — and the offerings are increasingly deluxe.

Edibles makers have moved up in the chocolate realm, increasing the quality of ingredients while using more eye-appealing molds and packaging. Some of these brands are even adding herbs with aphrodisiac qualities to the mix, or opting to make chocolate body paint instead of truffles.

Here are some lovely options for Valentine's Day gifts:

1906 Love
1906, a Colorado-based cannabis company, creates Love offerings that are hard beat on a day marketed around the feeling. Each dark chocolate is infused with 5 milligrams of CBD and THC, as well as such herbs as ashwagahnda, catuaba, damiana, muria puama and theobromine added for an aphrodisiacal kick. The word "LOVE" boldly printed on pink packaging doesn't hurt, either. Part of an edibles line geared toward specific effects, 1906's Love is also sold in chocolate-covered espresso beans and swallowable pills.

HighOnLove Chocolate Body Paint
This doesn't come in a bar or mold, and isn't meant to be devoured hastily before a plane ride. Instead, HighOnLove's chocolate is for pouring on someone's body — but it'll get you high, too. Part of a cannabis sex products line, HighOnLove's dark chocolate body paint is made with hemp seed oil and infused with 100 milligrams of THC (in Colorado only). The vegan chocolate is packaged in a heart-shaped bottle that fits right in a V-Day gift basket, and comes with a brush for easy application. If you can't visit a Colorado dispensary, a non-infused version is sold online.
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HighOnLove's chocolate body paint was infused with 100 milligrams of THC for Colorado dispensaries.
Courtesy of HighOnLove
Leiffa Chocolate Bar
Leiffa's chocolate bars, although tasty, aren't the most romantic-looking compared to Valentine's Day chocolates, but they do hold the key to a stoner's heart: rosin. One of a handful of Colorado edibles made with the solventless extract (and the only chocolate that we're aware of), Leiffa's award-winning rosin is now available in 100-milligram chocolate bars at recreational pot shops around Denver, but your best bet is Leiffa's dispensary in Lakewood. To follow the season, we suggest the dark chocolate and cherry, and white chocolate and strawberry crumble flavors.

Nové is owned and operated by Medically Correct, which also owns the Incredibles line of infused chocolate bars. Hoping to reach the refined crowd, Medically Correct launched Nové, a line of cannabis-infused chocolates filled with flavors like raspberry bramble, peanut butter and honey, and caramel and sea salt. The fillings are so colorful and pillowy you almost forget there's THC inside, so be wary of that after you open them. Any Nové option is a fine V-Day gift, but the raspberry bramble and cappuccino flavors are our top choices for the holiday.

Love's Oven is another Colorado edibles OG that's since branched out with an accent mark and finer marketing, selling chocolate bites, bars and cups through its Sinsére line. Sticking to simpler ingredients and doing the job well, Sinsére makes delicious infused versions of classics like peanut butter cups, peppermint patties and salted dark chocolate bars, but the peanut butter caramel bites and coconut pecan bites, or Sinsére's Irish Creme bar, feel like better choices for Valentine's Day.