Ask a Stoner: Can I Use Delta-8 THC on Probation?

Dear Stoner: I'm about to be on probation, but can I smoke Delta-8? I'm also in Colorado, so would I even be drug-tested?

Dear Alvi: There are a couple of layers to this, but let’s start with the probation aspect. If you’re under supervised probation, then probation officers can technically impose restrictions that they believe will help you lead a law-abiding life, including avoiding alcohol or cannabis. Medical marijuana patients on probation in Colorado are typically exempt from THC testing, unless the crime they were convicted of involved medical marijuana. If you’re not a registered medical marijuana patient, though, you won’t get this luxury, because recreational marijuana use doesn’t receive the same sympathy.
Easy to find online or in head shops, Delta-8 THC is a popular loophole for people who live in areas without retail cannabis or those who don’t have a plug. The modified cannabinoid, made by converting CBD, is chemically different enough from Delta-9 THC — the cannabinoid banned by the federal government — to be labeled on its own, but the effects of the two are similar. Unfortunately, drug tests look for the presence of any THC metabolites and don’t care about that technicality.

So try to keep off the grass, my friend. This biscuit isn’t worth risking it.

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