Dry Dock Is Capitalizing on the Canned Cocktail Trend With Its Newest Release

Dry Dock Brewing.
In addition to its lineup of award-winning beers (it's won 26 Great American Beer Festival medals and eight World Beer Cup awards), Dry Dock Brewing is going beyond beer with its latest innovative release: a cocktail-inspired canned alcoholic beverage line aptly named Docktails.

These 9.5 percent ABV ready-to-drink boozy concoctions are not spirits-based; instead, they begin with a fermented corn sugar base. Real fruit juice and natural flavorings are then added to create the three flavors — Paloma, Strawberry Basil Daiquiri and Cucumber Margarita. The traditional cocktails were chosen as inspiration because they are classic beachy drinks that fit with the “Dock” part of Docktails, says Dry Dock co-founder Michelle Reding.

“People enjoy being able to take it in a can and go,” says Reding, who reports the new product feedback has been positive since the line launched in February. Having the drink in a can makes it a lightweight and convenient option for hikes or the beach. “You don’t need five different ingredients,” she adds, speaking to the ease of just popping open the can.
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Docktails are available at both tasting rooms as well as in liquor stores and select grocery stores across Colorado.
Dry Dock Brewing

The Strawberry Basil Daiquiri has a nice berry flavor and a little lime, according to Reding. “The hint of basil elevates the cocktail,” she adds. Her personal favorite, though, is the Cucumber Margarita, noting that the cucumber juice adds a freshness and lightness that is complemented by the lime juice you’d expect from a traditional margarita. “People also appreciate another gluten free option,” she says of the line.

This isn’t the first non-beer venture for the brewery. Mysters Hard Seltzer by Dry Dock Brewing was released in February 2020, offering gluten-free seltzer at 110 calories per can. Sour Raspberry, Ginger Lime, Pineapple Coconut and Apricot are the flavors available. The Apricot is described by the brewery as "Everything you love about Dry Dock’s Apricot Blonde but with fewer calories."

Reding says the Dry Dock team is open to adding additional flavor options for Docktails in the future, which will depend on consumer feedback. In a press release announcing the new beverages, the astounding increase in interest for pre-mixed, ready-to-go cocktails was highlighted: There was 118 percent growth in the industry last year, and slightly over $13 million in sales in Colorado alone.

Docktails are available in four-packs of 12-ounce cans in liquor stores and some grocery stores across Colorado, as well as at both Dry Dock tasting rooms. Reding notes that having both Docktails and seltzers available allows people who aren’t beer drinkers (or are just in the mood for something different) to still come in and enjoy the atmosphere of Dry Dock.

Dry Dock Brewing's North Dock tasting room is located at 2801 Tower Road in Aurora, and its South Dock outpost is at 15120 East Hampden Avenue in Aurora. For more information, visit