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Denver 4/20 Guide: Marijuana, Deals, Delivery, Lounges and Events Around Town

Don't be ashamed: There's no need to shy away from celebrating 4/20, especially with so many things to do around town.

As the capital of the first state to legalize cannabis, Denver is ready to reassert its 4/20 status this year. Annual celebrations and concerts are back, dispensary deals are in full swing, and a handful of cannabis lounges are waiting for visitors to walk in. Your 4/20 celebration doesn't have to end there, either, with food promotions and cannabis delivery services both getting in on the fun this year.

To help you navigate all of the madness, we created a guide to direct you to Denver's best 4/20 deals, events, pot lounges, delivery services and food promotions. Happy holiday!
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Dispensary deals are in full force on 4/20.
Jacqueline Collins
Big Deals
Black Friday-like deals could be 4/20's biggest selling point now that the plant's political movement has stalled in Colorado — but that's only if you're willing to stand in line. Waiting twenty minutes at a dispensary is hardly a Black Friday stampede, though, and you'll come away with some of the best discounts on weed you'll find all year. The 1-ounce buying limit sort of eliminates the shop-till-you-drop concept, but those who can afford to stock up should do just that. Full-sized edibles are going for less than $10, top-shelf flower is on sale for less than $100 an ounce (and as low as $20 for the lower stuff), and concentrates are on steep discount, too. You can find dozens of some of the Denver area's best 4/20 deals in our April 14 issue, while some stores are having walk-in specials, too. (Some of these deals might require a physical copy of a coupon, so pick one up before the dispensaries run dry.)
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The Mile High 420 Festival at Civic Center Park returns April 20 after taking two years off during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Brandon Marshall
If we're measuring 4/20's pulse by the number of events held, then the last two years have been almost dead. The holiday is alive and well this year, though, with almost thirty cannabis-related parties, concerts, art classes and other events going on today and through the week. The obvious highlight is the annual 4/20 festival at Civic Center Park, which includes a free Big Boi, Lil Jon and Talib Kweli concert, but there are plenty of other 4/20 performances going on around town, including three burlesque shows, a live performance of Reefer Madness and a pot-friendly magic show. Check out everything going on today and into the weekend in our 4/20 event calendar.
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Aurora and Denver residents can order cannabis delivered to their doorsteps.
Scott Lentz
If you live in Aurora or Denver, then you don't have to leave your house to buy weed on 4/20. Both cities allow recreational marijuana delivery, and several of these services are offering promotions to help build business. The majority of Aurora's stores deliver cannabis, but only a handful of Denver dispensaries have opted in so far. To partake, you just have to be 21 with ID, and order and receive your delivery from a residential address in the same city where the dispensary is located. Only Aurora and Denver addresses are eligible for dispensary delivery right now, but anyone who lives in either city could cut some traffic out of their lives. Scroll through our list of stores offering delivery and put in an order when you get home from work. Or wake up. We're not judging.

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Tetra Lounge, Denver's newly licensed marijuana lounge, will hold a grand opening at 3039 Walnut Street on April 20.
Jacqueline Collins

While there will be a handful of 4/20-only cannabis-friendly events, some lounges, venues, tour companies and classes allow cannabis use throughout the year. A few of these places are fully licensed and open to the public (21+), while others are more private and require you to sign up before receiving an invitation to enter. If you're trying to get in somewhere at the last second, the joints that are open to the public are your best bet. Tetra Lounge, Denver's newly licensed pot lounge for indoor smoking, will have a grand opening party today, while the Coffee Joint, the city's other licensed cannabis venue, will be holding events and sessions (vape and electronic dabbing only) throughout the day. JAD's Mile High Smoke, a new cannabis bar where patrons can buy and try cannabis inside the venue, is set to open Friday, April 22.
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Want to take 4/20 home? Pick up a 4/20 box from Mister Oso.
Courtesy of Mister Oso
One of our favorite ways to celebrate 4/20 is with fried treats and cheap, delicious food, and you'll find no shortage of that in Denver on 4/20. Stoned Appetit podcast host Kip Wilson recently shared his favorite local spots to grab a bite after a few tokes, and restaurants around town are having holiday promotions.

Mister Oso's 4/20 boxes — a collection of two margaritas, two Gordo Crunches (think Gordita Crunch from Taco Bell), two empanadas, a bag of BBQ chicharrones, small orders of queso and guacamole, a bag of tortilla chips and two "Big Ass" chocolate chip cookies — will be available all day for $50 each, with box options that come with Higher Grade dispensary gift cards.

Surprising no one, all Cheba Hut locations in Colorado will be offering $4.20 sandwiches and drinks throughout the day as part of promotions with Your Mom's House and Willie's Reserve. And, not to be outdone by a fellow sub shop on 4/20, Jimmy John's is going to Leadville to reward the town's status as highest in the country (as far as elevation goes, anyway). To celebrate, Jimmy John's is handing out free sandwiches, gift cards and merchandise today at Rocky Mountain Drinking Water, 317 Harrison Avenue in Leadville, around lunchtime.