Lady Denim Headlining Colorado Bash at Mercury Café

Photo courtesy of Ivywild Visuals
Lady Denim will headline Coastless Creatives' Retrograde concert at the Mercury Cafe on May 14.
Northern Colorado-based band Lady Denim will headline a concert called Retrograde showcasing Colorado talent at the Mercury Cafe in Denver on Saturday, May 14.

The show, which will also include Corsicana, Knuckle Pups and People in General, is being put on by Coastless Creatives, a concert collective aiming to boost the local music scene.

“The goal is to create a music scene in Denver that’s comparable to Nashville or Boston or New Orleans,” says Coastless co-founder Alex Creighton. “We just try and create opportunities for artists to support themselves and promote them.”

Creighton says that he and his Coastless cohorts have a goal of selling out a venue, and felt that having a headliner such as Lady Denim — “a really cool band" — would allow them to do just that.

"I really want to create a night of local music where it’s comparable to going to see a touring act — that level of quality musicians,” he explained. “I think everybody on that lineup is on that level of musicianship.”
click to enlarge Lady Denim (from left to right): Nick Lundeen (vocal, guitar), Nic Lubin (guitar), Miles Jenkins (percussion) and Chris Lubin (bass, vocals). - PHOTO COURTESY OF IVYWILD VISUALS
Lady Denim (from left to right): Nick Lundeen (vocal, guitar), Nic Lubin (guitar), Miles Jenkins (percussion) and Chris Lubin (bass, vocals).
Photo courtesy of Ivywild Visuals
The show will also include a market of sorts, with vendors selling jewelry and vintage clothing and tarot card readings taking place.

Lady Denim is looking forward to headlining the show, having mostly been an opening act for shows in Denver. The quartet previously played high-profile shows up north, including Taste of Fort Collins and FoCoMX.

“It’s cool putting money in the pockets of people that have a little bit more of that local grassroots ethics,” says guitarist and lead vocalist Nick Lundeen.

The show will include some songs that the band is currently writing and hopes to have digitally “by the end of summer,” Lundeen says.

Lead guitarist Nic Lubin said that the band formed just a few years ago in a “really spontaneous and random” manner when a mutual friend brought the members together. Despite being relatively new (Lady Denim formed just before the pandemic rocked the live-music industry), the band has become a staple in Colorado.

“I think our Spotify doesn’t necessarily do us justice as far as bringing that live performance to life,” Lundeen says. “So we’re just bringing the same energy that we’ve always provided with live shows, which always seems to be a good time.”

Retrograde, 6:30 p.m. Saturday, May 14, at the Mercury Cafe, 2199 California Street. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door.