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Reader: As States With Legalized Pot Increase, Colorado Sales Decrease

Colorado marijuana sales registered a bump on April 20, the 4/20 cannabis holiday, but the annual boost wasn't enough to pull overall sales out of their nine-month slump.

Colorado dispensaries using Jane, a dispensary menu service and sales tracker, saw a 20 percent decrease in earnings on 4/20 this year compared to 2021 — and almost 40 percent less than in 2020. Headset, another dispensary sales tracker, told Westword that although Colorado dispensaries experienced a 102 percent bump in earnings on April 20 compared to previous Wednesdays, they had "a lower than average response to the 4/20 holiday" in comparison to other states.

In their comments on the Westword Facebook page, consumers offer explanations...and suggestions. Says Frank: 
Because all the states around Colorado are or have gone recreational, so we losing all that out-of-state business.
Adds Lyndy: 
Saturated market, just like the 300 breweries… not all of you are gonna make it.
Replies Rachel: 
Who could have possibly predicted that as more states legalized recreational pot, Colorado's market share might go down? I am not sure why anyone is mystified by this.
Offers Justin: 
I grew up just fine with the dirt weed. Now after 2014, Colorado will never be the same....We again had to be the pioneers (dispensaries charging unbelievable prices, for mediocre product). It's finally caught up.
Suggests Jason:
 They need to up the limit to two ounces.
Notes Dusten: 
Taxes and prices are too high for a state that has been legal for a long time….. cannabis shouldn’t be expensive.
Concludes Dominic: 
Hopefully the people that came for the green rush leave for greener pastures.
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