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Why Colorado Tokers Love Sundae Driver

Sunday scaries isn't just an overplayed phrase. Anticipation of that dreaded collision course with work on Monday morning is quite real, according to a survey of 4,279 people conducted for the Calm app. The survey asked which nights participants found it hardest to fall asleep, and Sunday easily won top prize, hauling in nearly half of the votes.

If my weed smoking were confined to one night a week, I'd go with Sunday night, and not for the Lord. But even so, my prayers have been answered: Sundae Driver is here to save us from jittery Sunday evenings when a huge meal can't. The hybrid, a mix of Fruity Pebbles OG and Grape Pie from Cannarado, is a no-brainer for mental relaxation without physical fatigue, and it's one of the easiest strains to find in Denver right now.

Don't put this strain in overdrive, and enjoying the last 24 hours of the weekend becomes much easier.  Clearing out anxiety or stress without becoming immobile on weed is tough to achieve, but Sundae Driver provides a smooth high that more than lives up to its name. Burn it in the afternoon or before dinner and let the top drop. Monday's still coming, but you'll deal with that when the ride's over.

Looks: Traditionally bright or lime green with speckles of purple, Sundae Driver buds have below-average density with respectable trichome coverage. Although it has a sativa look, most users view Sundae Driver as a nighttime or relaxing strain (don't count me among them).

Smell: Just like the high, Sundae Driver's aroma is mellow but long-lasting. A creamy, floral mixture with hints of chocolate and berries (or grapes, depending on the cut) is loosely covered by a zesty, earthy blanket.

Flavor: Sundae Driver tastes spicier, with more hints of chocolate and vanilla, than the smell suggests, but those creamy, fruity aspects still play a significant role and like to hang around my tastebuds after joints.

Effects: Although my reaction time might be slower, I never lose a step mentally after smoking Sundae Driver. In fact, the cooler head makes tackling work or daytime chores even easier. The giggles and munchies are present but not heavy, so moderate doses of Sundae Driver are light enough to avoid a comedown. That easygoing high has fooled me into one too many hits and several zoned-out stares, though, so drive slow.

Where to find it: We've spotted Sundae Driver at 1136 Yuma, A Cut Above, Ajoya, Alto, Ascend Cannabis Co., Berkeley Dispensary, Best Colorado Cannabis, Callie's Cannabis Shoppe, Canna City, the Center, Cherry Peak, Colorado Harvest Company, DANK, Den-Rec, Doctors Orders, Elements, Elevated, Emerald Fields, Euflora, EverBloom, Golden Meds, Green Man Cannabis, the Herbal Center, Higher Grade, Igadi, the Joint, Karamceuticals, Karing Kind, Kind Love, Lakeshore Cannabis, L'Eagle, Life Flower Dispensary, Lightshade, LivWell, the Lodge, Lova, Magic City Cannabis, Magnolia Road, Mana Supply Co., Medicine Man, Mighty Tree, Nature's Kiss, Platte Valley Dispensary, Rocky Mountain High, Rocky Road, Social Cannabis, Spark, Top Shelf, Trenchtown, Unity Road, WolfPac Cannabis and Xclusive Cannabis, among others.

A long list of dispensary and wholesale growers have also taken on Sundae Driver, including Ascend, Doctors Orders, Hava Gardens, Herbal Selections, Higher Grade, Natty Rems and Sundance Farms. We like the in-house cut at Higher Grade, which is light, creamy and affordable, but the Hava and Natty Rems versions are both worth a shot if you see them around town. The strain is just as popular with extractors, but go for the live concentrates from Äkta and 710 Labs if you're looking for a dab that best represents Sundae Driver. The Flower Collective's Sundae Driver bubble hash is also a fine garnish for bowls and joints, with more affordable options in the form of shatter and badder, as well.

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