Ask a Stoner: Where Are the Pre-Rolled Blunts?

Dear Stoner: Why is it so hard to find pre-rolled blunts in dispensaries? The ones I have found are rolled with hemp. Do real ones even exist?
Dutch Master

Dear Dutch Master: Get used to the hemp blunts or get your grinder out. Colorado law bans dispensaries from selling tobacco products, so let’s kill any notion of pre-rolls made with Dutch Masters, Swisher Sweets or those perfume-soaked blunt wraps you used in high school. Considering how much better a joint usually is when it’s made with weed we’ve seen, smelled and touched before smoking, that rule is probably in our best interest. There are exceptions, of course, but pre-rolls aren’t to be blindly trusted.
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Jacqueline Collins
Gentleman Quinns and the Flower Collective have proven that a decent pre-rolled blunt can be made with hemp and cannabis leaves (though you’re paying for the convenience of not rolling your own). Cannabis leaves produce a fine burn, don’t have as many chemicals as their tobacco counterparts and let the flower shine. Other than masking the taste of shitty weed, I can’t see the point of smoking a flavored wrap.

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