Fireball Is Selling Weed Gummies in Colorado? We Tried Them Out

Fireball weed gummies are now on Colorado dispensary shelves. Yes, that Fireball.

The popular brand of cinnamon-flavored whiskey quietly released a line of THC-infused gummies in 2019, and now sells them in nine states, including Colorado. As with Fireball's initial release, the recent gummy launch in this state involved no big announcement.

As a result, I was so surprised to see them at a dispensary, I almost didn't believe they were real. According to a pamphlet given to me by the budtender at Green Man Cannabis, though, these gummies have the "same fiery flavor, but THC instead of alcohol."

Upon telling my editor of this discovery, she suggested a simple taste challenge: a shot of Fireball whiskey versus a Fireball weed gummy. I bought a handle and three packets of gummies for our next staff meeting, and a colleague and I were brave enough to test both.

Fireball markets its gummies as "sativa," but other than sugar and corn syrup, there's nothing in the ingredients that's geared toward energy. Distillate, a refined form of THC, strips cannabis extractions of any terpenes, and there are still questions about terpenes' abilities to influence cannabis highs via ingestion. Fireball is far from the only edible brand using such buzzwords, though, and the after-tax $20 price tag for a ten-gummy, 100-milligram packet seems fair.

My experiences with liquid Fireball peaked in college and are currently limited to occasional shots on the golf course. The flavor — spicy and somewhat artificial — always garners a mixed response from my tastebuds, but there's no denying cinnamon's ability to mask cheap booze. How would it cover up the taste of THC distillate, though?

Two shots of the whiskey put me on mini-roller coaster ride at the meeting, making the next thirty minutes more fun than they should have been. The next two hours were a slog, though, and mixing the flavored booze with sides of junk food was a bad idea.

My stomach had a similar reaction to the gummies, though my esophagus took them a lot easier. Opening the bag released a subdued version of the Atomic FireBall Jawbreaker (the true OG of hot cinnamon flavor), and when i tried them one after another, I discerned little flavor difference between the gummy and a shot of Fireball, beyond a brief shudder brought on by the whiskey. Eating a gummy by itself a few hours later brought out a sweeter flavor, with a nice crunch from the sugary coating.

My colleague wasn't as hot on the gummy flavor, however, and said she noticed a grassy aftertaste. The edible Fireball's effects were euphoric but short compared to those of other weed gummies, she noted; the shots of Fireball went a lot further toward making the meeting palatable.

Fireball's gummies took me on a standard distillate edibles ride, giving me a vibrating body and shit-eating grin for about two hours before I slowly descended into a munchie binge and 9 p.m. bedtime. I was probably legitimately "high" for three hours, and then a garbage disposal with a brain (but no legs) for the rest of the day. I ate a few less the next day without the booze and enjoyed a lighter, bouncier body high that tapered off inside of two hours.

The intense cinnamon flavor of Fireball wouldn't be my first choice in a gummy, but anyone who appreciates the tongue-pinching spiciness of the whiskey or jawbreaker would like it, and the novelty appeal of Fireball gummies speaks for itself. Distillate edibles will never be my favorite, but the effects are up to par given the ingredients and price point.

If you're choosing between the two, though, the correct answer depends on the circumstances. Are you looking to turn up (and throw up) for the night, or to relax your body and eat a sleeve or two of Oreos?