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A Real Birthday Gift: Five Secrets of Meow Wolf's Convergence Station

Meow Wolf
Numina is the ethereal swamp world found in Convergence Station.
"I have been working at Convergence Station since the day it opened, and I am still discovering new things literally every day," says Nelly Wimbush, who works at Meow Wolf Denver as a creative operator — one of the quirky, unique characters of the immersive universe who engage with visitors to pull them into the experience.

Meow Wolf's Convergence Station opened in Denver on September 17, 2021, and it's celebrating its first anniversary this Saturday with Convergiversary, which will comprise a daytime block party followed by a nighttime dance party with DJs throughout the installation's various worlds.

The first Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, The House of Eternal Return, opened in 2016; two years later, Meow Wolf announced it would add locations in Las Vegas and Denver. Although Vegas's Mega Mart opened first, Convergence Station has made an indelible mark on the Mile High City since its debut, and has become a favorite destination for residents and tourists alike. Celebrities ranging from Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead to rapper Megan Thee Stallion, pop star Dua Lipa, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and, most recently, David Byrne of the Talking Heads (who just opened his own immersive installation in Denver, Theater of the Mind) have all toured Meow Wolf Denver — not during private showings, but joining regular visitors during standard entrance times. All told, 1.3 million people have gone through the place since it opened, according to Meow Wolf public relations manager Erin Barnes.

Wimbush may not yet have uncovered all the mysteries of Convergence Station, but she has a few favorites to share. While you're celebrating the installation's birthday, unlocking these five mysterious activations will make your experience all the more memorable. And a bonus hint: Grab a Q Pass at the front desk, which will help you discover more puzzles and provide you with clues as to how to unlock them.
Jess Bernstein, courtesy of Meow Wolf
Solve a Puzzle to Make a Wormhole
When you enter the icy world of Eemia, it's hard to miss the two Mech Robot Navigators, designed by the late Matt King. If you enter looking toward the glittering, rainbow-colored cathedral, you'll find one robot to your left and one to your right. Once you figure out the correct code, this second robot will open a wormhole in the swirling sky of stars that covers Eemia's ceiling (be sure to bring your Q Pass). In Eemia, you will also find the "Book of Whiles," an illuminated manuscript created by King that details the lore of this world.
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Kaleidoscope World.
Evan Semón
"Kaleidoscopic Cathedral of Eemia" Organ
Eemia holds plenty of secret activations other than the wormhole. Once you step into the "Kaleidoscopic Cathedral of Eemia," you'll find a pipe organ powered by an electric synthesizer. If you pull and push the various cranks and knobs in the correct pattern, you'll trigger a symphony of sound that fills the space. 
"It'll make this big production when you plug in a certain sequence on the organ," Wimbush explains. "The Q Pass will also get you the exact pattern."
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Jess Bernstein, courtesy of Meow Wolf
Ossuary Codes
The Ossuary is a serene, supernatural network of corridors filled with columns and crystals. Here you will discover key details that further illustrate Meow Wolf's lore. On the walls, says Wimbush, are "codes and numbers and pictures people never looked at because they're small. The numbers then activate certain things in other areas. There's a code that opens a memory box." You can plug the phone numbers into one of the many phone booths found in Convergence Station, which will give you access to character recordings or get you an appointment with Sid the Psychic on C Street. Wimbush just discovered a code that, when entered into a phone, will unlock a secret "dungeon game," she notes."A man on the phone will be giving you directions to different parts of this dungeon. But you got to try to get through with the numbers on the phone."
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You'll be able to dance through Meow Wolf's Cosmohedron in Numina.
Jess Bernstein, courtesy of Meow Wolf
Cosmohedron Group Experience
This multi-level, bulbous structure sits in the ethereal swamp land of Numina. On the third floor is the "Frog Egg Garden," which you can identify from below by its circular windows. This activation does "take teamwork," Wimbush warns, though it's minimal. Gather enough people to sit in each cushioned depression that lines the space, touch the windows, and you will activate the ceiling of "frog eggs," which chirp and swirl in a pink glow.
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Jess Bernstein, courtesy of Meow Wolf
Life in Numina
Numina is meant to be a completely sentient world, which explains why you'll find glowing ears all along the walls on various floors of the 35-foot-tall space. "She has ears, and they're kind of like seashells on the walls, and if you talk into them, you can hear what you said throughout," Wimbush explains.

Visit Meow Wolf's Convergence Station, 1338 First Street; tickets are $52.50. Convergiversary happens Saturday, September 17, with a party in its parking lot and installation starting at 10 a.m. Day tickets include admission to Meow Wolf. The night party begins inside at 9 p.m. Tickets are available here.