Ask a Stoner: Why Are Tinctures Hard to Find at Dispensaries?

Dear Stoner: Why is it so hard to find tinctures at dispensaries out here? I’m about to make my own if I have to.
Orally Fixated

Dear Fixated: You highlight a funny trope in legal cannabis. More and more edibles claim to be “fast-acting,” yet we’ve had a classic fast-acting edible staring us in the face this whole time: tinctures. The cannabis-infused oils enter the bloodstream quickly when administered under the tongue, and they’re typically easier to dose than edibles. So why are they so hard to find? Well, based on a few dispensary menu searches, tinctures are actually readily available.
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Tincture is a liquid concentrate, intended for oral consumption under the tongue.
Medical, recreational, high-dose, low-dose, flavored, unflavored and high-CBD tinctures are all for sale in Denver-area dispensaries. You might have to drive a few minutes to find a desired variety, and stores do a poor job of showcasing them, but that’s how it goes with most shopping quests. If you’re a homebound medical patient, I can see how frustrating that is, as highly dosed medical tinctures are harder to find than the recreational stuff, which tops out at 100 milligrams of THC per bottle. Making your own tinctures is the real answer here, though. It requires little more than grain alcohol and patience, and will likely prove to be the most affordable and effective route.

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