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Why Colorado Tokers Love Super Boof

When did the word "bad" mean good? That must have been confusing for parents who weren't hip to slang. Now we're at a point where calling something "nasty" or "sick" can mean everything from it's attractive to athletically impressive. I thought I was up to date on this word-salad stuff, but a few months ago the weed game caught me by surprise with Super Boof.

Another popular product of Klone Colorado genetics and a handful of Rocky Mountain breeders, Super Boof has taken Denver dispensaries by storm. I was taken aback the first time I heard about the strain, however. The term "boof" usually means one of two things: crappy weed or shoving drugs up one's butthole. Neither of those definitions made this strain sound like something I'd want to smoke, but enough talented growers and extractors have taken it on to pique my interest.

A mix of Black Cherry Punch and Tropicana Cookies, Super Boof tingles and singes the nostrils, but in bubbly and invigorating fashion, not a gross, Sex Panther sort of way. The smell and flavor are unique, and the high is surprisingly productive. Super Boof quickly became a darling in the eyes of extractors, especially the rosin crowd, so chances are good that you'll come across it during your next trip to the pot shop. Keep your eyes peeled, because this boof is worth the squeeze.

Looks: Average in length and density, Super Boof's buds tend to look like mittens and fists. The calyxes range from bright green to moss green, but occasional spots of purple and a milky coat of trichomes can make Super Boof take on a darker shade.

Smell: Sweet aromas stretch out my nose quickly, leaving my nostrils to pick up scents of sour apple and overly ripe melon. After adjusting to the fruity blast, I also notice hints of funky cheese and honey, with a dank, gassy finish.

Flavor: Super Boof is a wonderful blend of funk, sweetness and dank weed, with a subtle hint of gas. I taste melon and cheese up front, with an earthy cherry-pit flavor taking hold afterward. The combination showcases almost half of the cannabis rainbow, and each taste gets time to shine.

Effects: Super Boof brings a calming high, but it's not necessarily sedative. If anything, it's the type of strain to help me glide through the day. Anxiety melts in the path of Super Boof tokes, while creativity and wit are amplified. Keep the bowls metered, and the comedown stays away. Get anywhere near your limit, though, and the high will teeter toward physical relaxation.

Where to find it: Super Boof is all the rage right now. A Cut Above, Affinity, Ajoya, Alto, Cannabis Station, Dispensary Exit 243, Eclipse Cannabis, Elite Cannabis, Fresh Baked Dispensary, Golden Meds, Green Depot, Green Man Cannabis, the Green Solution, the Healing Tree, Herbs 4 You, LaConte's, Little Brown House, Local Product of Colorado, the Lodge, Maiko Holistics, Mile High Dispensary, Nature's Herb and Wellness, Police & Thieves, Rocky Mountain Cannabis, Rocky Mountain High, Silver Stem Fine Cannabis, Strawberry Fields, Spark, the Stone and Trenchtown Cannabis all have it on the menu, and more stores probably carry it.

A long list of growers and concentrate companies are pushing Super Boof, too. Arkannabis, Bubba's Kush, D'z Trees, Escape Artist, the Gas Station, Indico, Power Plant Organics, Sundance Gardens and Trenchtown all have flower and pre-rolls on the market, while Trenchtown grows an in-house version. AO Extracts, Egozi, Glacier, Harmony Extracts, Nine Extracts and West Edison make extracted versions of  Super Boof, as well.

Bubba's Kush flower and Egozi rosin are currently the best representations of Super Boof in Denver, while Indico, Trenchtown and Harmony all have solid takes — though I'd be lying if I said I'd tried all of the Super Boof in town. We'll leave that mission to you.

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