Ask a Stoner: Going Broke Trying to Keep Up With Strain Drops

Dear Stoner: I'm going broke trying to keep up with all of these strain drops, but every other week there's something I need to try. Why are they all sold in eighths and quarter-ounces, though? Why don't we see more sample packs?

Dear Cassie: Because you keep buying them. There are a few regulatory reasons why sample packs are a real pain in the ass for cannabis manufacturers, including rules that mandate separate tracking and packaging for each different strain and product. And as long as popular growers are selling out of quarter- and half-ounces of expensive flower, why would they bother with sample packs?
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The hype is real and swelling with earning power among boutique cannabis growers.
Jacqueline Collins
I've come across the occasional pheno-hunt box of three different grams of flower or a hash sampler with a variety of half-grams. They're few and far between, though, and cost way more than the already expensive weed you're currently buying. Being a big fan of cannabis and all of its smells, flavors and effects is a pricey hobby, and all pricey hobbies require discipline. Find an affordable middle-tier grower you can count on, and save the hype-beast weed for special occasions.

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