What Club Q Victims' Families Want You to Know About Them

A portrait of the late Raymond Green Vance.
Family photo
A portrait of the late Raymond Green Vance.
In the hours after the November 19 attack on Club Q in Colorado Springs, which killed five people and injured nineteen, the names and stories of two beloved venue employees whose lives were taken, Daniel Davis Aston and Derrick Rump, made their way into the public sphere. But it wasn't until the afternoon of November 21 that the Colorado Springs Police Department officially shared the names of the other three: Raymond Green Vance, Kelly Loving and Ashley Paugh.

With the assistance of CSPD liaisons, Vance's family, Loving's sister Tiffany and Paugh's husband Kurt all offered thoughts and memories. They're presented below, just as they were written: This is what those closest to Vance, Loving and Paugh want you to know about them.

Statement on behalf of the family of Raymond Green Vance

On November 19th, 2022, Raymond Green Vance went to Club Q to enjoy a show with his longtime girlfriend, her parents, and her parents' friends; they were celebrating a birthday. The 22-year-old had never been to that nightclub before, and although he is supportive of the LGBTQ community, he himself is not a member of it. Unfortunately, he never left the club. Raymond was the victim of a man who unleashed terror on innocent people out with family and friends. His own family and friends are completely devastated by the sudden loss of a son, grandson, brother, nephew and cousin loved by so many.

Raymond was a kind, selfless young adult with his entire life ahead of him. His closest friend describes him as gifted, one-of-a-kind, and willing to go out of his way to help anyone. He had just gotten a new job at a Colorado Springs FedEx distribution center and was thrilled to have received his first paycheck. He couldn't wait to save enough money to get his own apartment, but in the meantime, he lived with his mother and younger brother who adored him.

Raymond was born in Chicago (and has siblings who still reside there) but spent his entire life in Colorado Springs. He was a 2018 graduate of Sand Creek High School, where his mother describes him as a popular, well-liked young man who never got into any trouble and had plenty of friends. Raymond spent most of his spare time with his girlfriend (whom he had been with since middle school) and playing video games, which were his favorite hobby and something he hoped to turn into an online career.

Raymond grew up surrounded by cousins whom he was very close with, and they and the rest of his tight-knit family are still trying to come to terms with the fact he is gone. His absence will leave irreparable heartbreak in countless lives.

Right now the Vance family respectfully requests privacy as they grieve. Raymond will be missed unbearably.
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A portrait of the late Kelly Loving.
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Statement on behalf of the family of Kelly Loving
Made by Tiffany Loving, Kelly's sister

Tiffany Loving, the sister of Kelly Loving, is not interested in any interviews at this time but asked us to share this statement:

"My condolences go out to all the families who lost someone in this tragic event, and to everyone struggling to be accepted in this world. My sister was a good person. She was loving and caring and sweet. Everyone loved her. Kelly was a wonderful person."

Statement on behalf of the family of Ashley Paugh
Made by Kurt Paugh, Ashley’s husband

"We’re absolutely devastated by the loss of Ashley. She meant everything to this family, and we can’t even begin to understand what it will mean to not have her in our lives.

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A portrait of the late Ashley Paugh.
Family photo
"Ashley was a loving wife — she was my high school sweetheart — and she was just an amazing mother. Her daughter was her whole world, and she was so proud of Ryleigh, who is a championship swimmer. She loved her dad, her sister, and her family; Ashley was a loving aunt, with many nieces and nephews who are devastated by her loss.

"She had a huge heart. I know that Ashley cared about so many people. She helped so many people through her work at Kids Crossing, a nonprofit that helps find loving homes for foster children. She would do anything for the kids — traveling all over southeastern Colorado, from Pueblo and Colorado Springs to Fremont County and the Colorado border, working to raise awareness and encourage individuals and families to become foster parents to children in our community. This included working with the LGBTQ community to find welcoming foster placements for children. During the holidays, Ashley organized giving trees and delivered them to businesses so that foster kids could have brighter holidays — and in fact, she was setting up giving trees even last week, canvassing Pueblo and Colorado Springs.

"In addition to her family and making a difference in the community, Ashley loved being outdoors and enjoyed hunting, fishing, and riding four-wheelers.

"We would like to ask that members of the media respect our privacy while we grieve this unbelievable loss; we’re not a family that wishes to be in the spotlight and are not at a place where we can be involved in interviews. This is all the information that we feel comfortable releasing at this time."