The Churl Next Door
Much as I enjoyed Robin Chotzinoff's March 2 story, "If That Don't Beat Al!", I don't think I'd enjoy having Al Avram (or whatever his name is) open a business next door. On the other hand, the Unsinkables don't sound all that neighborly, either.

Susie Saks

I have known Jorge Merida since 1985 as a business associate and a personal friend. I have never known Jorge to be other than kind, trustworthy and an asset to the community in which he lives and works. I have found him to be very intelligent and articulate, not a person who threatens people. I know that he is very concerned about his neighborhood and has the best interest of the community at heart.

I cannot believe that Mr. Merida is described as a "megalomaniac" when I know him as a spiritual, insightful person. Perhaps Mr. Avram is simply blaming the messenger in this case.

We are all concerned about violence in our community. At least Jorge Merida is doing something about it.

Julianne Page

A Word to the Wives
This correspondence is in response to a letter that appeared in the March 2 Westword written by a Mrs. Leonard Peltier. This letter attacks the credibility of the Denver chapter of the American Indian Movement in general and Glenn Morris in particular.

At no point was the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee contacted to check the accuracy of this outrageous letter. Therefore you are culpable for the spreading of this pathetic piece of misinformation.

The writer of said letter is one Debra Fernandez (aka Santu Little Dog, Santu Crow Dog, Anna Mae Aquash), a woman who shifts identities as one might change her socks. Leonard Peltier does not know her. He has never met her. He most certainly is not married to her.

Leonard Peltier is not a full-blood, nor is he enrolled. Does that make him white? Does anyone care to question his leadership? I think not. Leonard Peltier is grateful for the support he has received from Colorado AIM and would not stoop so low as to attack anyone, Native or non-Native, that does good work for the struggle.

The LPDC insists that a clarification be made to remedy this pathetically inaccurate misinformation. In the Spirit of Crazy Horse.

Lisa A. Faruolo
Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
Lawrence, Kansas