Rest in Piss
Regarding Patricia Calhoun's May 9 column, "Disturbing the Piss":
Although it is probably a waste of time to dispute the opinion of anyone who would use such a vulgarism in the title of her article, I feel I must try.

Perhaps Ms. Calhoun does not mind "letting it all hang out" and sharing a bathroom with anyone at any time. I, however, think it is fair for a woman to expect a certain amount of privacy in the restroom. It is not just a matter of modesty but a real safety concern.

Jody Taylor

Shame on the Red Lion and the Denver Police Department! Don't they have anything better to do than ticket people who are using hotel bathrooms? What would they prefer they do--relieve themselves in potted plants in the lobby?

T.S. Austin

There seems to be some sense of anarchy in the overall gender- and sex-bending picture of those not wanting attention and those wanting attention. Social mores and folkways have been around for a long time and deserve understanding and respect in many ways, too.

The Gender Identity Center folk have an increasing workload as they consider the differences of sex and sexuality. Pax vobiscum!

Rolf O. Norstog

This Bill's Come Due
I read Eric Dexheimer's May 9 article, "That Fits the Bill," and in the interest of fair play, I must relay Colorado CASA's experience with the 1995-96 legislative session.

SB 30 is on the governor's desk waiting to be signed. It represents a special interest: neglected and abused children who find themselves thrust into court through no fault of their own. Thank heaven that legislators like Senator Dottie Wham and Representative Russell George got personal. This did not affect them or most of their constituents directly, and yet they agreed to sponsor the legislation, spend untold hours in testimony and shepherd the bill through amendments, inquiries and committees. This kind of "personal" keeps me believing.

Bonnie Capaul
Executive director, Colorado CASA

Eric Dexheimer's story leaves out information about SB 167, which was signed, sealed and delivered by Governor "Rancher" Romer for Department of Agriculture commissioner "Top Sheep Rancher" Kourlis and his sidekick wife, Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Love Kourlis (daughter of former Republican governor John Love). What a whopping political payoff! Shame on Dexheimer, who also recently wrote an article about trapping ("Fur Fight," March 7).

Does this suggest that there is some special-interest "hush-hush" journalism going on? There is a direct correlation between Kourlis's SB 167 and the initiative to ban trapping today in this state. In fact, the Telluride Times-Journal came out with a huge article comprehensively tying all of this information together for the public. My question to Dexheimer and Westword: Have you been told by Governor Romer and Commissioner Kourlis or his Supreme Court justice wife to keep the passage of SB 167 quiet? If you continue to hide the facts about a legislature that can barely read its own legislation and spews out special-interest legislation such as SB 167, your rag has sold out!

I must thank Dexheimer and Westword for the wonderful March 7 front-page shot of a trapper holding his torture device with a huge grin on his face. PAWW has enough petitions out today to garner 95,000 signatures. We will get this initiative on the ballot. Between SB 167 and that wonderful picture, PAWW--Colorado People Allied With Wildlife--increased support for our initiative to ban trapping by about 15 percent. Westword is missing out on what will be one of the most interesting and hottest wildlife issues debated this year.

One thing's for certain: Something sure does stink in Denmark, Westword. Dexheimer or your rag is as out in the ozone as the Colorado legislature has been for years.

Laurel Higgins

There's No Place Like Home
I would like to comment on Michelle Dally Johnston's May 2 article, "Don't Knock If You Haven't Tried It." I am a tenant in the Dalton Apartments, the building you wrote about. I am a lesbian. My girlfriend and I have been living in the Dalton since October 1995, and we have not had any problems with the manager, Bob Vigil, or his sister, Melinda Sandoval.

I feel you should have at least talked to some of the tenants in the Dalton before you got this one-sided story. You also should have talked to tenants in the other apartment building Bob Vigil manages. His assistant manager for that apartment building is gay, too. So no one can say Bob Vigil is a man prejudiced against gay people. Nor can anyone say Melinda Sandoval is prejudiced against gays, because she has come down to our apartment on numerous occasions to give our dogs steak bones just because she wanted to. Also, I don't understand how anyone can accuse these two people of discriminating against gays, because if they were, they would never have let my girlfriend and me move in in the first place.