Think Big

No, you don't need to have your eyes checked: Westword has grown. As papers across the country downsize their pages, we're expanding ours (and changing printers, from the Denver Post to the Rocky Mountain News).

You'll find all of our standard features on these bigger pages, as well as some additions. The Theater page now includes capsule critiques of ongoing productions previously reviewed by M.S. Mason, and Comics boasts two new cartoons: Derf's "The City" (a sample of its "grueling urban humor" is shown at right), and "Callahan," by the always twisted John Callahan.

Westword's growth is not just two-dimensional; we're also on the Web. The online version offers all the editorial departments of the printed paper, as well as frequent updates, searchable Cafe listings and special extras available only on the Web. This week, for example, online editor Chris LaMorte has created an unofficial home page for Dick Lamm, the Man Who Would Be President. You have a duty to check it out at