Strike While the Irony is Hot
Patricia Calhoun's October 10 column, "The Road to Ruin," hit just the right note. Central City has only itself to blame for its precarious position. Be careful what you wish for, indeed.

Jane Sidwell

I am one of the "pigeons" that frequently has no trouble at all in flying that extra mile up the road to the casinos of Central City. Bullwhackers and other casinos on the hill have provided me with many hours of entertainment.

I can't help but wonder how the city council members of Central City can retain a per-machine gaming tax that is higher than that of Black Hawk. According to reports in the Colorado Gambler publication, this tax, when added to the egregious tax rate levied by the State of Colorado, combine to form the highest gaming tax in the world!

High taxes mean less profits for casino operators, which translates into lower payouts for players. Which equals less action, which equals less players. Simple.

I don't see how a new road will change that situation.
Walter Furstenau

Calhoun's "The Road to Ruin" paints a pretty vivid picture of the kind of inter- and intra-community relations gambling produces. As someone who works every day in Trinidad, the largest city within a hundred miles of my home, I am dismayed that I will not get to participate in a local vote should Amendment 18 be approved by the people of Colorado. Only the people living within the city limits of Trinidad will vote, even though all of the growth is occurring in the county. It also dismays me that the battle over this amendment is between the casino and the casino wannabes. The voices of the people who live here are pretty much drowned out. Proponents say we can have our say after the amendment becomes a permanent part of the Colorado Constitution.

Doug Holdread
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Attachment Under Attack
Karen Bowers's aptly titled October 10 article, "Whipping Boy," was a chilling account that brought back memories of my own beatings. My mother once beat me so hard with a wooden spoon that she broke it, and I have carried those scars all my life. My parents were upstanding religious citizens who went to Mass on Sunday and beat me the rest of the week. I believe the attachment disorder that all of these Christian people are using as an excuse to further inhumane treatment of children is actually caused by them.

God intended for these people to be childless for good reason! These people are control freaks and are determined to raise little soldiers by any means allowable. And they have all kinds of support in our churches and schools: "Spare the rod and spoil the child." Children need to be held, hugged, understood and loved--not prayed over like they were the devil's spawn. If this kind of treatment of our precious gifts from God is allowed to continue, we will surely continue to have adults who are cold, angry and without morals. Everyone who recommended and supported the cruel "therapy" used on David should be held accountable, and Renee should be thrown to the lions.

Donna Krieger

The lengths to which we as a society will go to ignore and minimize child abuse never fail to sicken me. Two-year-olds aren't "crazy," and even if they are, it's the responsibility of their parents to help them--not to beat them to death and then try to hide behind the dead child's corpse and some lame psychobabble. The only person with an attachment disorder in this story is Renee Polreis, who apparently could not muster the human decency to spare a two-year-old child his life. Shame on her for blaming a toddler for her own sickness, and on anyone who supports that terrible lie.

Name withheld on request

After reading Karen Bowers's article, I was literally sick to my stomach. I cannot begin to describe the disgusted feeling I got. This woman, Renee Polreis, is clearly a disturbed woman with severe prejudice problems. In the article, her friend Kathy Brown stated that Polreis is a very religious person. Brown also stated that Polreis didn't like Russians because they are "atheists" and that Polreis "didn't want to step foot in a country filled with non-believers." I pose the question: "Why did a woman that has prejudices against a nationality adopt a child from that same nation?" This woman is full of garbage.

Another friend of Polreis's, Julie Haralson, stated that Polreis was "already insane" by the time she returned to the United States. If Polreis had so many complaints about David (her adopted son), why did she continue to keep custody of that child? Let me remind you that we are talking about a grown adult who runs her own business. I think Renee Polreis is full of crap, and she only used the excuse of this "attachment disorder" to commit cold-blooded, premeditated murder.