Lust Horizons
The only thing more horrifying than reading Scott Yates's article about the Ava Owens case ("Little Boy Lust," July 3) was reading John Lombardi's letter about the article last week. I am appalled that anyone could think the Tran family looks at the situation as a "lottery win." I am sure they are more worried about healing their son than they are about making some money! This is a tragedy that should never have happened. And even if the family gets some financial help (and I think they should), it will not make things right for the boy.

Thank you, Westword, for an excellent article. And shame on you, Mr. Lombardi.

Sybil Walker

Road Worriers
Stuart Steers's July 3 "Blacktop Jungle" was excellent and was very helpful information for residents of northwest Jefferson County opposed to present development plans tied to the Northwest Parkway.

Westword has published several very factual articles about the Jefferson Center scheme. Thanks again for another fine piece.

Doris DePenning

Thank you for the lucid, comprehensive article on the beltway situation in the metro area. Most of the newcomers here probably didn't know the history that you capsulized so well.

Diane Curlette
via the Internet

Another Lost Contact
Boy, was I looking forward to the usual rip-fest from Bill Gallo and another pathetic effort from Hollywood in the form of Contact ("A Star Is Borne," July 10). Boy, was I ever disappointed. Mr. Gallo is usually the harbinger of doom for poor cinematic fare.

God forbid that there be a weak plot, poor acting, Sunday-school-quality theological debates, wasted performances, obvious plot points (also know as twists), "token characters" (the blind man, the black woman of power...see wasted performances) and my least favorite: stereotyping. It looks to me as though yet another person has been caught up with patting Hollywood on the back for trying to come up with something other than the usual shoot-'em-up.

For shame, Bill. I thought you had a better vision than that!
Sean McDonald
via the Internet

Plain Jane
Regarding the July 10 Off Limits and a picture indicated as being Gail Schoettler: Are you sure this is not a picture of Miss Hathaway from The Beverly Hillbillies?

Doloris Dunn

What's with you people? First you compare Wilma Webb with Mr. T, and now Gail Schoettler with Miss Jane Hathaway. When are you going to start making fun of male politicians? For example, don't you think David Skaggs looks just like a grownup Alfalfa from The Little Rascals?

Judy Riley

Manual Labor
This letter is for Pat Bougeron, who wrote in the July 3 issue about not hiring Manual graduates.

Where do you work? In what department? I don't want to have to see you just like you don't want to see me.

Jeannie Madrid

Have a Nice Dave
Thanks for Joshua Green's article on Dave Matthews overcoming the critics ("Love That Dave," July 10). The reason the band got so big is that they toured and got themselves seen. In doing so, they have created a huge following over the past six or seven years. Whether fans have been with them since the beginning or since the Crash debut, they are loyal fans. They don't care what the critics think. Neither does the band.

Heidi Cunz
via the Internet

Dave Matthews is a definite success who needs to be recognized. Thanks for putting him in the light that the rest of his gazillion fans put him in!

Stephanie Poydock
via the Internet

Express Yourself
Nice job on the Andy Partridge interview, "Another Dose of XTC," in the July 3 issue. My one "beef" involves Michael Roberts's assessment of XTC's album The Big Express. In my opinion, it's one of their better albums: aggressive, dissonant and smart. With the quieter, more pastoral Mummer, it forms a perfect urban/rural pair of spectacles (pun intended) through which to view English life.

Todd Bernhardt
via the Internet

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your article about XTC. Very enjoyable reading. Mr. P. must have been a fun interview.

P.S. The Big Express was a fine album! You'll never get two XTC fans to agree on what was best and what was worst, however.

Scott Taylor
via the Internet

The Big Express: One of their best--excellent album! Mummer: Yes, it sucked; I agree. Skylarking: Okay, (yawn) I guess!

Your reviews: Suck. You: Suck!
Glenn D. Clark

Read Between the Felines
My wife and I always tend to pick up a Westword when we are out on the weekends. Over the past few months we have noticed something strange: Our cats cannot resist Westword. As soon as it is in the house, they are all over it--sleeping and resting on it, even eating it. They do this to no paper other than Westword. We find it highly amusing, although distracting when trying to read. Just curious if you would have any idea what is in your paper that makes it so irresistible to our kitties.

David Armstrong
via the Internet

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