Nuts to That!
Talk about crazy! I never thought I'd see the day when bleeding-heart liberal Patricia Calhoun would bleed for a Republican, much less Tom Tancredo ("Crazy for You," December 3). Coloradans should be proud of their new congressman, not just because he's man enough to admit his weakness, but because he will represent them well in Washington, D.C.

Stan Shubert
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Just how effective can therapy be when the person being helped is a bloviating blowhard like Tom Tancredo? Perhaps a few more years on the couch would reveal to Tommy not only his faulty potty training but the reasons for his typically conservative streak of mean-spiritedness. In the meantime, the rest of us can ponder what it is about the conservative ideology that produces such renowned draft-dodgers as Tancredo, Newt Gingrich, Pat Buchanan, Gary Bauer and Rush Limbaugh.

Walter Hall
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Giving Them the Bird
I never thought I would find myself fascinated by a story about the northern goshawk, but after consuming my Thanksgiving bird, I read through Gayle Worland's "A Bird in the Hand," in the November 26 issue, in one sitting. An excellent article, and more stuffed with information than my turkey!

Although I hope and pray this country keeps what little wilderness it has left--and if lawsuits are what it takes, so be it--I enjoyed learning about Richard Reynolds's research. It's good to know that some federal employees actually think about what they are doing and consider the consequences.

Susannah Raymond

I have known Dick Reynolds for 25 years. Anyone who doubts his sincerity with respect to doing what is right for goshawks or Western coniferous forests simply does not understand his lifelong commitment to conservation. Perhaps naysayers do not want to understand his mode of proceeding in a carefully reasoned way after the data is all collected and properly analyzed, especially if this scientific process slows the furtherance of their political agenda. In addition, the way that the Freedom of Information Act is being used to obtain scientific data from individual researchers before it is published in proper outlets gives those of us who do scientific research reason to pause before seeking or accepting federal funds.

Thomas A. Gavin
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The Light Stuff
C.J. Janovy's December 3 "Slay Bells," on the Christmas lighting display at Denver's City and County Building, was great! She mentioned the U.S. Supreme Court. In a decision that civil-libertarian attorneys irreverently refer to as the "two-plastic-reindeer rule," the Court said if a nativity scene is surrounded by enough Santas, reindeer, snowflakes, lights, stars, etc., then the nativity scene gets smothered in so much secular stuff that it loses its religiosity. The nativity scene simply disappears into the background. In other words: the bigger, the more garish, the shlockier, the better. Denver's display wins hands-down on all fronts. I feel Kenny Be's accompanying cartoon captured the Court's intent perfectly.

I am a not-so-devout Jew, but if I were a devout Christian, I would consider such logic to be insulting, if not sinful. It is devout Christians who ought to be leading the charge to remove the nativity from Denver's display, letting Denver's display shine(?) in all of its overblown kitschy glory while keeping the real "reason for the season"--the incarnation--alive for the true believers to reflect upon and celebrate in their hearts, homes and churches.

Peter Gross

Motorcycle Mama
I certainly enjoyed reading Robin Chotzinoff's "The Beater Goes On," in the November 26 issue. The voice speaks loud and clear for so many of us wannabes. I own a couple of Honda-Davidsons myself.

Jerry Kunselman

Hey, Chotz! It's 5 p.m. here in Seattle, 42 degrees and drizzling. I just read your column, and I'm not surprised that the Californication of my old hometown has reached such a complete and perfect state. By the way...I'm about to head out on my 45-mile commute around the east side of Lake Washington. I'm out here every day on my '75 Kawasaki 900 Z1b. There are a few of us diehard beater mavens out here. Keep the faith. You'll find your next ride!

Robert Poulk
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Duty and the Beast
As a member of the jury in the Robert Riggan trial, I read with great interest Steve Jackson's "Trial and Tribulations," in the November 19 and 26 issues. To quote Paul Harvey: "And now the rest of the story." This filled in the pieces of the puzzle that we were not given.

Regarding Ms. Cordova, I am pleased to read that she is trying to take back control of her life. While she perhaps does not feel like a hero, I would like to go on record stating that in my eyes, she is a hero. She came forward (honestly) when numerous individuals would not and those who did were less than honest.