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If you're afraid of getting your ass charred and whupped by a gang of guitar-wielding, fire-breathing profane women from Southern California, you'd better stay away from the 15th Street Tavern on Friday, October 1, when the gals in Betty Blowtorch come to town. Listening to them, you might wonder if these four ladies have sufficient estrogen levels, because they've got bigger balls than AC/DC and spew more fire than Nashville Pussy. Sporting tracks such as "Shut Up and Fuck" and "Fish Taco," the band's latest release, Get Off, is full of the kind of inebriated chatter one might hear in a crowded bar. With Duff McKagan (Guns N' Roses) as producer, the record offers not just a tough attitude, but the essence of the rock-and-roll aesthetic. Blare N. Bitch's lead-guitar playing is a reminder of why you liked guitar solos as a kid, and as a lyricist, former Butt Trumpet member Bianca Butthole seems to be taking advantage of the band's Jägermeister sponsorship. The Pin Downs open the show. -- Mike Engstrom