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Equal Interest, also known as the Myra Melford Trio, Friday, October 15, at St. Paul's United Methodist Church, brings two legendary players, saxophonist Joseph Jarman and violinist Leroy Jenkins, together with the less well-known (but no less formidable) New York pianist for what promises to be one of the season's highlights for adventurous jazz fans in Denver. Jarman and Jenkins have been making their mark since the late Sixties, their impassioned work an outgrowth of Chicago's Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians. While not yet a household name among the avant jazz crowd, Myra Melford has released a number of fine records for the Enemy, Hat Hut, Gramavision and Arabesque labels while recording with or studying under such luminaries as John Zorn, Henry Threadgill, Dave Douglas and Colorado's own Art Lande. Melford's style is anything but subtle, a trait that only enhances her highly original and engaging compositions. On her most recent CD, a quintet outing called Above Blue, Melford is alternately stark, stirring, bluesy and free-form. Her edgy explorations draw on a number of traditional forms without obliterating them. For this trio performance, Melford says to expect a chamber-ensemble-like, meditative quality. And in 2000, expect to hear more from Melford, who will release two CDs with different trios. For more information on the performance and a public workshop, call 303-759-1797. -- Thomas Peake