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Dead Moon, Wednesday, November 10, at the 15th Street Tavern, is Fred, Toody and Andrew, three Portland-based fifty-somethings who started gigging together around the time most of their current fans purchased their first Bugaloos LP. But don't let their ages fool you: These raunchy garage rats know how to rock like sons-of-bitches. In fact, they've reached near-holy status in Europe, where they regularly sell out big-league venues. And in the Northwest, many consider them the vanguards of the Seattle grunge scene. (Those who saw the movie Hype will know them as those eccentric hippie types hand-pressing LPs in their basement.) Now Dead Moon is making its first-ever stop in the Mile High City, where the band will be playing cuts from Destination X, its new album on Seattle's eMpTy Records. Highlights include "Down to the Dogs," "Raise Up the Dead" and a peculiar rendition of AC/DC's "It's a Long Way to the Top." Also keep an ear open for the Mooners' classic, "You Must Be a Witch." The grandchildren of Dead Moon members complain that it's too loud for their taste, but all you former juvenile delinquents should dig it. Man, kids can be such a drag. -- Brad Jones