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The Teenage Frames, with Hemi Cuda, Saturday, January 8, at the 15th Street Tavern, capture the snarled-lip attitude and punk posture of the Clash, New York Dolls and Ramones -- not to mention their guitar licks. With the help of Steve Albini and Mike Hagler manning the boards, the latest release from the Chicago foursome, 1%, seems to have come straight out of the garage of a British factory worker, with aggressive power-pop melodies, no-bollocks delivery and surly lyrics that would inspire Johnny Rotten to return to his dabblings in self-mutilation. Although neither the structure nor the attitude is new, if you were anywhere between an embryonic sac and prepubescence when punk rock was at its peak, here's your chance to glimpse the hormonal imbalance, the snottiness and the twenty-watt-amp sound that first made punk rock revolting and blissfully raw. -- Mike Engstrom