"Access Denied," by Michael Roberts, February 10, 2000

I howled with laughter upon reading Michael Roberts's "Access Denied," in the February 10 issue. This one time, I applaud Westword for revealing to the public the kind of idiot Jann Scott is. I urge all people everywhere to reject nihilistic types like Jann Scott, with his siren song of self-destruction and idiocy. He's no good to others and no good to himself.

John Bales

Michael Roberts's article left out some important segments. Let me fill them in. Jann Scott is a talk-show host, an entertainer, and a good one. Michael Roberts interviewed Jann Scott the Act. This whole thing with CATV is a sketch. If Scott is on the air or talking to a reporter, he's on; a few of his friends actually know him. He is an Andy Kaufman character or a Howard Stern type. People love him. Even those who hate him watch him; when CATV threw him off, they all came to his aid. Whatever TV channel he is on, he is number one. They love him on TCI/DCTV 57/ASPEN 12 and Boulder 54. But as everyone knows, Denver TV execs and talk-radio execs aren't exactly known for picking new hot talent. Boyles and Rosen, the masters, are decades old -- still hot, but not new. Current management tripped over their dicks and fell on those guys twenty years ago.

Every year, Jann makes the Nielsen ratings. This guy is a certifiable TV star. In Boulder alone, there have been 35 news stories about him since Thanksgiving. In Denver, of course, Westword wrote the bomb of them all. But the Post and News are so out of touch with hip, popular TV culture.

Part of Jann's allure is that he is so not like what you expect on television, with his use of ambush video, the way he lovingly insults callers. Jann has made five films and 200 documentaries, all serious. On live talk TV he is a nut, and if he is on your cable system, you are in bed watching him before you have sex.

Last week at the CU Buffs game, he got a standing ovation when it was announced that he was back on the air. CATV and its staff and board are about to be kicked into the street because they picked on Boulder's favorite TV celebrity. All of the city council, city managers, cops, DAs and power people watch this guy kick them around -- and they love him for it.

Jon Graham

"Born and Razed," by Michael Roberts, February 10, 2000

Is Nick Mystrom single? He's the guy from Michael Roberts's "Born and Razed" article, in the February 10 issue, regarding the I-25 expansion. I opened up the paper to find his lovely mug instantly gripping my heart. I don't believe in such things as love at first sight, but I might be convinced if I met him. If he is single and you're so inclined, you should set me up on a blind date with him. Or at least pass on my dimensions: Attractive SWF, 5'5", burgundy/ hazel, 125 lbs., 25, financially stable, kitty owner, Wash Park resident.

Giulia Rossi

"See What Matters," by Eric Dexheimer, February 10, 2000

I thoroughly enjoyed Eric Dexheimer's well-written February 10 article "See What Matters," on the Northglenn Judo Club. It was four years ago that a friend of mine lost an adult son in a farm accident. That incident led me to examine the relationship I had with my own growing children and the amount and quality of the time we spent together. I had heard about the Northglenn Judo Club, and my youngest son and I signed up. It's impossible to fully describe the many positive changes that occurred in our lives as a result. I can only tell your readers that I rediscovered the meaning of quality time, not only with my teenage boy and my wife, but with the most amazing group of talented and caring people I have ever met in my life. As the article described, my son has found other interests for the time being, but I have developed a passion for a sport that I know will last my lifetime. The values, the friendships and challenge of judo have me hooked!

If anyone else is interested in improving their quality of life, grab the phone book! Northglenn Judo and other clubs are listed. If you are like me, you will end up with a bump or bruise or two but will never regret the day you moved from being a spectator of life to jumping into the game with all you have...heart, body and soul!