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Vue, with Wow and Flutter, Monday, May 8, at the Lion's Lair, isn't afraid to take a swim in rock's deep end, even if it means cutting itself off from the hordes of fans taking the fast road to more easily pigeonholed sounds. With the number of musical subgenres growing daily, much modern fare finds itself generations removed from its straight rock roots, a trend Vue fights tooth and nail. Though the band's unhinged songs touch on the same turmoil as rowdy neo-garage acts, Vue is more comfortable languishing in the embrace of classic rock and roll. You can feel it in the smoky, sexy decadence seething from the players, à la the young Rolling Stones, and in the undeniable grooves reminiscent of Bowie's glory days. This is no nostalgia act, however; the San Francisco-based five-piece brings a frantic mood as well as a gritty post-rock sensibility, pinning it firmly in today's musical landscape. Billed as playing both "kick-ass rock and roll" and "post-emo," the band offers an undeniable sense of rock history and more depth than the typical punk acts that make their way into Denver's smaller clubs.