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Psychologists have long studied the secret languages that sometimes develop between identical twins. In extreme cases, there are entire complex codes of communication shared only by the siblings -- something that is sure to alternately puzzle, frustrate and fascinate the non-fluent. The Twins, with the Dinnermints, Saturday, June 3, at the Glen Huntington Bandshell in Boulders Central Park, seem bent on inducing all three of those reactions with their ambient audio experiments. Self-described as conceptual artists working in the medium of sound,: Sara Mesmer and Peter Carnovale are inspired by Japanese Kabuki theater and the postmodern penchant for absurdity and found source material. Separated from the audience by two clear plastic dividers, the Twins chant in a nonsensical language to a sonic backing of lo-fi keyboards, samples, percussion and amplifiers. The result just might have as much in common with Austrian playwright Peter Hanke -- who composed whole plays with the sole intention of clearing the theater of its audience -- as it does with other keyboard-based duos. The Dinnermints, a pop-trash: outfit also featuring Mesmer and Carnovale, open the show.