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Hit Pick

Sarah McLachlan and her floral-skirted sisters would be wise to skirt around the Boulder Theater on Saturday, June 17, when the Lilith Scare slips on its stilettos, rolls up its shirtsleeves and goes to work on the crowd -- and perceptions of women in music. A tall, blond vixen-in-the-making whos hardly a delicate flower, Al Pierson of Hell Camino is one of Scares primary organizers, and she promises that rock and roll -- the loud, sexy, Bacchus-worshiping variety -- will be the evenings primary charge. In addition to a headlining show from Piersons band, Scare will offer performances from femme-centric bands the Swanks and Mamas Boy, as well as a set from the luscious DJ Audry. Door prizes, food booths and roving bands of heinie-spankers will elevate the Bluebird to a carnival environ thats more erotic ball than estrogen-fest. Maybe they should call it the scarier sex.