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Cherry Bomb Club, Thursday, July 13, at Seven South, boasts a membership more exclusive than that of the Denver Country Club. A project begun by Divineshaker (aka Dave Moore) of Foreskin 500 and Legendary (aka King Scratchie of the infamous Warlock Pinchers), the clubs roster now includes local blues goddess Miss Erica Brown, cellist Rebecca Vera (who also works with Hoitoitoi and Munly), three golden-voiced divas and a singer by the name of Sexy Boy. An explosive amalgam of Motown soul-shaking grooves, pop songcraft, hip-hop beats and electronic dance sounds, the Cherry Bomb Club marks its return to Denver stages with the release of a self-titled debut on the new imprint Divine Shaker Records. Guided by Divineshakers programming -- which utilizes live instruments as well as samples and drum loops -- its arguably the most compelling, creative and confident local release of the year so far. This is a very cool club, indeed.