Letters to the Editor

The Hating Game

Time marches on: How timely that you printed Julie Jargon's "P.S.: I Hate You" in the August 10 issue, at the same time that Senator Joseph Lieberman was chosen by Al Gore and/or his "strategists." Salzman's plight sounds exhausting and quite burdensome, but I credit her courage. For indeed, courage and the commitment to courage is a survival skill for all, regardless of the circumstances. As with her Polish family, my Hungarian family was annihilated by the Nazis, and I was disturbed to learn from this story that many of my family members were likely murdered the evening of Rosh Hashanah. That adds to the horrific events of the past. They must not be repeated upon us, nor any other race, religion, creed, sect or gender.

The generic media question (ad nauseam since the selection) "Is the country ready for a Jew...?" speaks of implicit prejudice and anti-Semitism that is revolting and disturbing. But courage will prevail, and we, as people of goodwill, high achievement, fine values and great "chutzpah" ("balls," for those not acquainted with the term), will go on with or without Lieberman. Had the country been "ready" sixty years ago, maybe the Holocaust would have been eradicated much sooner, and millions of innocent lives, as well as the sad and tragic memories of hundreds of millions more, would have been spared.

Jonathan M. Dietz
via the Internet

Use your common sense: Although it is an awful thing that Mrs. Salzman had to go through on the Internet, I still question her common sense. I have received some ugly e-mails, etc., and I would not go where I was not wanted, or at least where I am being bullied. I'm sure most Jewish people would agree that they are not regulars at the Tuesday-night white-supremacy rallies. This is what Mrs. Salzman was doing: logging on just to see and get upset. Salzman was getting off on it all. I would recommend getting a life, or at least finding other Web sites to visit. Doesn't she know how vast the Web is? There are probably ten more sites just like the one she frequented.

Justin Melton
via the Internet

Caught in the Net: A good news/bad news sidebar to Julie (great name) Jargon's "P.S.: I Hate You" piece is the info on the advancement in using the Internet by hate-mongers of all stripes, of fascist practices by justice-system agencies for the involuntary registration of all known Web trashers. Its database is not limited to anti-Semites. Its net is cast to gather in the names, mug shots (when possible), medical and financial histories and site-specific addresses (by satellite) of all trash-talkers, foreign and domestic, perceived and real (to include, even, activists for animal, vegetable and human rights), who go public or semi-public with their messages. The technology used to collect data is backed up by both digital and analog stealth technologies, on the ground and by satellite, to ensure a clean, inclusive sweep of "the usual suspects," whether or not future conditions require it. Even as Netscape, for one, redesigns its browser to no longer collect the Web habits of online shoppers, the surveillance technology to ensure the national security rushes in to fill the gap with a catch-all net so efficient as to nab not only fish the feds can nosh on, but trash food sharks, tuck-in-your-head turtles and playful dolphins as well.

Alfredo de la Rosa
via the Internet

Let's See What Develops

Golden opportunities: Stuart Steers's "Forbidden Fruit," in the August 10 issue, was extremely informative. As a Golden resident, I have wondered why Arvada Mayor Ken Fellman has been such proponent of building a west C-470 loop along highway 93 when his neighbors -- Golden, Westminster, Boulder -- have all agreed that it is unnecessary and have opposed it. It is clear that Arvada (with support from the Colorado Department of Transportation's Tom Norton) wishes to build this road to attract major corporations to its proposed Vauxmont development. This "build it and they will come" mentality is based on greed, not need, and it gives no thought to the consequences to their neighbors. This project is inappropriate for this contaminated area, will lead to unwanted sprawl, and should be fought by all citizens in the northwest metro quadrant.

Stephen Johnson

One hot market: Great article on Arvada wanting to build on Rocky Flats. We have been involved with fighting the growth problem for years and haven't had any luck on even slowing it down. The entire Rocky Flats series, starting with Eileen Welsome's "From Cold War to Hot Property," has been great. Keep up the good work. This is stuff that everyone needs to know.