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John Doe, perhaps best known as songwriter/bassist for the seminal Los Angeles punk band X, stops in Denver as frontman for his solo project, The John Doe Thing, Sunday, August 27, at the Lions Lair. Far from anonymous, Doe has kept one foot firmly planted in the music world since the prototypically punk X went on the first of many extended hiatuses in 1988. Since then, hes explored a broad range of genres, from country and rockabilly to pop and post-punk. In the process, hes released a solo album and a trio of records with The John Doe Thing, including this years Freedom Is..., which swerves between the soulful (Catch Me:) and the incendiary (Too Many Goddamn Bands:) on its fourteen hook-laden tracks. Does part in the genesis of L.A. punk aside, todays slackers are probably more apt to recognize him from his acting career, which has included parts in Boogie Nights and that Swayze classic, Roadhouse. Next season, Doe will don surgical scrubs for a stint on ER, but in the interim, hes more than content to dish out his signature darkly poetic rock act -- which often includes a good chunk of Xs material -- to Americas club scene.