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Hit Pick

How about a Halloween show featuring local black-metal bands, a homophobic priest and...penises? Thats the plan for Bite My Halloweenie 2000, Tuesday, October 31, at the Gothic Theatre, with Father Cire Bentley and Powder Munki, Burn Circuit, Serberus (pictured), Filth Industry, Throat Culture and Maris the Great and the Faggots of Death (tickets are $6.66). A musical battle between good and evil will be fought between Father Cire Bentley and Maris, a gay zombie who knocks off his musical competition. Maris, who has chosen a disturbing and scarily themed lineup for this project, has also recently attracted the attention of the cops. He left a severed halloweenie on a sidewalk and staged the death of Matt Need, the Gothics general manager, for the shows promo; Need had to go to the police station to prove he was still alive. Kind of makes you want to go see what Maris will sever next.