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Despite a name that might suggest otherwise, Worm Trouble, Thursday, December 21, at the 15th Street Tavern, with Hi Fidelity and the Dinnermints, has much to celebrate these days: The Denver outfit is still riding the creative crest of The Poison Kitchen, an intense, moody album that wouldn't seem out of place on the experimental 4AD record label; in January, the band begins work on a third disc, this time aided by new guitarist Doug Seaman. Worm Trouble's sound -- sophisticated, spindly, often intense -- is aided by the smart vocals of Kat Trenhaile, who'd rather be smart than sexy, yet manages to personify both. In addition to Thursday's performance, the band will put on a New Year's Eve show on Saturday, January 30, at Seven South, with the excellent local guitarist Neil Satterfield. This is one kind of trouble you might want to keep in mind.