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Although hard rock is a genre that's aimed almost exclusively at guitar worshippers and other testosterone addicts, Cave In, with Planes Mistaken for Stars and Eiffel, Monday, January 8, at the Cat, finds a style that can satisfy the typical long-haired crowd as well as cerebral indie rockers. Though the quartet cut its teeth emulating the fast-action riffs of speed metal, its latest offering, Jupiter, expands its repertoire to engulf both the dynamic tempo shifts of hard-edged emo and the far-reaching arrangements of progressive rock. Well-versed and witty, Cave In's songs have an uncommonly cunning heft. Dark, brooding guitars flit between ominous expanses to create a leaden groove reminiscent of Black Sabbath. A perfect band for Denver's closet metalheads, Cave In throws down a set anyone can rock out to and not be embarrassed to admit it.