Art Review


Last year, Denver artist and commercial art director Jeanie Nuanes King was looking for studio space when she found a run-down storefront on funky South Broadway. "At first I was just going to hang my own work," she says, "but I always wanted to run a gallery and get out of advertising, so my husband, Bill, encouraged me, and I thought, why wait for retirement to open one?"

The South Broadway place was a mess, however, so with the help of some friends, King gave it a simple facelift. They reformulated the rooms into three distinct areas and resurfaced everything from floor to ceiling. The result is the smart-looking, if tiny, space called the Fresh Art Gallery (208 South Broadway, 720-570-2255).

The current exhibit, a group effort titled Whisper & Shout, is made up of what King calls "very, very small work and very, very large work, like whispers and shouts."

King has recruited an interesting group of artists for Fresh Art's stable, nearly all of them abstractionists. Many have shown elsewhere around town in recent years, including Bonnie Ferrell Roman, whose lovely cactus-spine wall relief, "Secret #5," is seen above. Other established artists in the show include Homare Ikeda, Lorey Hobbs, Stephen Alarid, Harry Tulchin, Bill Brazzell and Tim Flynn. A new show will debut at the gallery each month, which is a pretty impressive schedule. King plans to mix group shows with solos, such as the upcoming February show devoted to Carol Redmond.

Whisper & Shout closes on January 30.