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Most punks have probably always wanted a good excuse to bust out their leathers, their opaque sunglasses and their favorite three-minute anthems for an unabashed bout of over-amplified Ramones worship. While last month's premature passing of punk icon Joey Ramone was no doubt a little more extreme than what they had in mind, it means the time has indeed come for a group of local players to get together under the guise of a full-throttle Ramones cover band, if only for one night. The Whoremones, who make their debut Saturday, May 5, at the Lion's Lair, with the Hellmen, will get ready to go, ready to go now with a solid lineup of local punks who descend from the proud Ramones clan: Former Rok-Tots timekeeper John Henry will fill the role of drummer Tommy; bassist Brad Stanton of the LaDonnas and the Agency will be Dee Dee; Bottle Rockers guitarist Tommy Savage will serve as Johnny. And in the leading role, Dario Tucciarelli (from Marty Jones and the Pork Boilin' Poor Boys) as Joey. This could be the most fun wake you've ever been to. Hey, Ho!