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Soulhat, which performs Thursday, October 11, at the Fox Theater in Boulder and Friday, October 12, at the Soiled Dove, is the type of band that requires listeners to have their neck-bobbing muscles in good shape. Having dance-floor stamina is a plus, too, as Johnny Volgelsang's low-down, funky Texas bass will have you shaking that ass before your first drink kicks in. This is joyful music that's kissin' cousins with what locals Big Head Todd and the Monsters put out, cooked up by three guys who have many reasons to be joyful. After six or so years of ups (big ol' record deal with Epic, which spawned 1993's Outdebox and 1994's Good to Be Gone) and downs (a breakup that saw former Funkadelic drummer "Frosty" Smith exiting stage left), Soulhat's sole founding member, Kevin McKinney, has finally found his musical soulmates in Vogelsang and drummer David "Snizz" Robinson; together they released the first Shat album in six years, Experiment on a Flat Plane (Terminus) last year. These guys specialize in good-time-Friday-night music, so check your indie-rock pout at the door.