Check, Please!

Q: I want to find a fancy, old-school, elegant place where between ten and twenty folks in their late twenties/early thirties can go for a fancy, dress-up holiday dinner. But we don't want it to be too stuffy, and we don't want to spend thousands of dollars. Any ideas?

A: There's no time like the present to make those holiday reservations, and here are three places to start: The Briarwood Inn (1630 8th Street in Golden, 303-279-3121) looks stuffy but isn't; it gets dressed up for the holidays, too. Mattie's House of Mirrors (1946 Market Street, 303-297-9600) is located in an old brothel in LoDo; it's a big-group favorite because of delish eats and the private dining room upstairs. And downtown, the Rialto Cafe (934 16th Street, 303-893-2233) offers beautiful food in an upscale setting, with a wine list to match. Happy holidays.