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Not only does Armando Zuppa have the distinction of being one of Denver's first and only Italian-born and -bred banjo players, he is also the neo-grass world's first bona fide superhero: On Wednesday, November 28, at the Soiled Dove, the leader of recent European transplants New Country Kitchen will release his alter-ego solo project, Zupperman -- an album that arrives complete with a cartoon-strip depiction of Zuppa as he battles musical evil. A largely instrumental offering that finds Zuppa complementing his own spry plucking with able contributions from some of his new musician friends -- including guitarist Ross Martin, mandolinist Matt Flinner and upright bassist Eric Thorin -- Zupperman is a breezy, good-timey offering that moves from ragtime rhythms to more exploratory jams and good old-fashioned country. Worldly and playful, Zupperman firmly establishes its hero as a welcome new character on the local scene.