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In two shows, Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Sunday, December 30, and Monday, December 31, at the Bluebird Theater, will say farewell to the year 2001 as well as the state of Colorado and three members of the band: Pedal-steel guitarist John Rumley, bassist "Danny Pants" Grandbois and drummer Ordy Garrison are leaving the Auto-motive world behind. Banjoist Sean Henning and guitarist Jay Munly are moving to the East Coast to be nearer to Cessna, who relocated to Rhode Island two years ago. It's sad news for local fans whose pride in claiming the band as a homegrown Club has grown over the past couple of years, especially since the release of Always Say Please and Thank You, the band's excellent debut for Alternative Tentacles. Whatever form Slim and the boys take from this point on, however, we can safely assume it'll be an inspired blend of God-fearin', hell-raisin' country-punk Americana goodness -- even if it emanates from, sniff, another ZIP code.