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Critic's Choice

Minneapolis rapper Slug might not yet be "bigger than breast implants" as he boasts on his song "Guns and Cigarettes," but the lyrical skills he displays on that track and on other humorous cuts, like the pimpalicious "Lyle Lovette" (from his cassette-only release Headshots Se7en), are as notorious as Anna Nicole Smith in a Texas courtroom. His group Atmosphere's recent Lucy Ford disc appeared on many scribes' year-end lists, with good reason: Slug's self-analytical rhyme flows on topics ranging from morning masturbation to his love for girls named Ani, and it mixes well with his fellow rhymesayers' laid-back beats. The combination has helped to establish the Twin Cities as meccas for independent hip-hop. The group appears with Mr. Dibbs, DJ Bird and Minezai at the Boulder Theater on Saturday, January 12, giving local heads a chance to glimpse some of the genre's most exciting subterranean styles.