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Felix Stallings Jr. has used many names during his ascension through the world of homeland electronica: Since the age of fifteen, when a chance encounter with Chicago's DJ Pierre expedited his auspicious entry into the house realm, Stallings has worked under the tags Thee Maddkatt Courtship, Elektrikboy, Aphrohead and Sharkimaxx. He's also served as the founder of the taste-making imprint, Radikal Fear Records. But it's as Felix da Housecat (Saturday, February 2, at Vinyl) that he's produced, remixed, and spun his greatest work, from 1997's Clashbackk DJ compilation to last year's buoyant Kittenz on the Glitz, which combines hard-house, industrial noise with an underground ethos and playful spirit (and is given a glam boost by the Eurochic stylings of French diva Miss Kitten). In a live setting, Felix proves why he's still one of clubland's top cats.