Check, Please!

Q: I'm a big prime-rib fan. Can you give me a list of places that do it well?

A: What we call prime rib is actually a boneless cut from the super-tender eye muscle of a steer's primal rib, also known as the ribeye roast. The name may have come from the word "primal," but it almost certainly did not come from the designation of prime as opposed to choice in beef grades, since prime rib is almost always choice meat (as well it should be) it's a juice-dripping, flavor-packed piece of flesh).

It also requires time and care in cooking, so it's not found in many places. For some of the best, though, check out El Rancho (29260 U.S. Highway 40, Golden, 303-526-0661); Manhattan Grill (231 Milwaukee, 303-333-6444), where the early bird gets the limited supply; and Ship Tavern at the Brown Palace Hotel (321 17th Street, 303-297-3111). On Sundays, both the Garden Terrace at the Inverness Hotel (200 Inverness Drive West, Englewood, 303-799-5800) and the Tuscany, at the Loews Denver (4150 East Mississippi Avenue, 303-782-9300), offer cut-to-order prime rib at their all-you-can-eat buffets. For something a little more lowbrow but still tasty, check out the rib roast at the Lookin' Good Lounge (66 Sheridan Boulevard, 303-936-6800). And for something completely different, try the lean, but still juicy and tender, buffalo prime rib at the Buckhorn Exchange (1000 Osage Street, 303-534-9505).