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Does Robert Schneider have ants in his pants, or is he merely a preternaturally active guy who just can't stop making music? The Apples in Stereo frontman, producer, guest-star extraordinaire and intermittent cartoon character will provide audiences a chance to decide for themselves on Thursday, April 4, at the Lion's Lair, when he appears in a solo performance under the name Marbles, with Nigel. Schneider released an EP under the Marbles moniker in 1996 and is rumored to be considering the handle as the working title for his forthcoming solo album. (In addition to mulling over this decision, he's also in the midst of completing the next full-length Apples platter, a labor that will take him to Europe with wife/drummer Hilarie Sidney.) And though Schneider will appear in an acoustic set, sans bandmates, expect plenty of powerful, psychedelic-pop purging: As the guy who has helped pioneer the trademark Elephant 6 surround-sound-in-your-head technique, he's more than capable of filling the tiny Lair stage with music. Let's go! -- Laura Bond