Check, Please!

Q: My husband and I are planning a weekend getaway in Glenwood Springs. Can you suggest some good restaurants?

A: Glenwood is one of my favorite getaway spots, and although everyone goes to the Italian Underground (715 Grand Avenue, 1-970-945-6422), I like Florinda's (721 Grand, 1-970-945-1245), which is next door. The atmosphere is slightly more upscale, the food is better, the prices are reasonable ‹ and there's never a line out the door. The Glenwood Canyon Brewing Company (402 Seventh Street, 1-970-945-1276) serves better-than-average brewpub fare, and the Bayou Restaurant (52103 U.S. Highway 6, 1-970-945-1047) does excellent Cajun. For a light breakfast the next day, check out the Daily Bread Cafe & Bakery (729 Grand, 1-970-945-6253), which makes awesome pastries; for something that sticks to your ribs, track down the 19th Street Diner (1908 Grand, 1-970-945-9133), a world-famous dive that makes killer green chile, a great Bloody Mary and enormous pancakes.