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Meet Sydney, Australia's latest musical export, the Vines, a former Nirvana cover band currently shilling Highly Evolved (Capitol), a sneering foray into metal-tinged pop. Just a few short months after their stateside debut at the Coachella Music Festival, the Vines are winding their way across the country on their very own tour, planting themselves locally at the Bluebird on Tuesday, July 30. The Vines are supported by the Chicago power-pop quartet OK Go, who is also receiving a major push from Capitol in support of the band's soon-to-be-released debut. You may have heard the modest radio hit, "Get Over It," which showcases lead singer Damian Kulash's skill at writing cutely bitter critiques of society. The message is sometimes obscured by clever, perky hooks -- perfect for executing herkies in the air to punctuate a particularly juicy guitar lick. Catchy goodness? Check. Cute boys from both hemispheres? Check. Sounds like the perfect combination for bra-throwing pop lovers everywhere.