Drink of the Week

A century ago, the neighborhood we all know and love as LoDo was teeming with fancy saloons, gambling halls, opium dens, rough cowboys and sinful prostitutes -- also known as "brides of the multitudes" or "soiled doves." Capitalizing on this history of debauchery, the Soiled Dove is still dark and smoky inside -- except the crowd that packs the place today is composed of local rockers, music lovers and groupies, rather than ranch hands and ladies of the night. Still, this intimate concert venue has taken a shot at creating its own wicked tradition: Smurf Semen, a wildly popular drink made with coconut rum, Amaretto, Blue Curacao and cream. Light blue with a thick, frothy texture, a shot of Smurf Semen ($5) may look like a glass of Head & Shoulders shampoo, but it tastes like sweet coconut milk. A few of these and you'll be rocking -- and with live music seven nights a week, including such local favorites as Xiren, Wendy Woo and Yo Flaco!, the Soiled Dove is bound to be rocking, too.